Flexible Ducting Hose

flexible ducting hoseLightweight flexibility makes Flexaust easy to install and use
Flexaust has manufactured durable, long lasting, flexible hose solutions for industrial and commercial applications for over 65 years. Flexaust hose products are used in applications involving air, dust, fume and lightweight materials.

High performance

Flexaust offers the largest selection of duct hose products including wire reinforced coated fabric hose, wire reinforced plastic hose in regular as well as stretch construction, hand-bendable metal ducting, all plastic wet or dry vacuum hose, and blow molded corrugated tubing products. Flexaust uses an array of materials including thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, PVC, neoprene, polyester, and vinyl fabric, and polyethylene to manufacture a broad range of products.

It all began in 1938 when Arizona mining engineer Harold Hersey filled a desperate need for the mining industry by developing the first flexible hose system to vent fumes and bring fresh air to hard working miners.

Flexaust industrial de la manguera. Fiable en cualquier lugar.
Flexaust ofrece la manguera flexible y productos conductos para una amplia variedad de aplicaciones en los mercados industriales y comerciales.

  • Ducting hose for air Ducting hose for air
    For air supply, blower hose, confined space ventilation, heating or cooling, dehumidification and other air movement applications.
  • Ducting hose for dust Ducting hose for dust
    Flexible ducting hose for air movement and filtering, cutting, grinding, exhaust, dust and other industrial uses.
  • Ducting hose for fumes Ducting hose for fumes
    For industrial, fume exhaust, laboratories, painting, plating, pollution control ventilation, soldering, welding and more.
  • Ducting hose for high temperatures
    Flexible ducting hose for high temperature air, fume, pollution control, exhaust extraction and ventilation. Temperature Range: 500+ degrees F
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