Lightweight flexibility makes Flexaust easy to install and use 
Flexaust has manufactured durable, long lasting, flexible hose and ducting solutions for industrial and commercial applications for over 70 years. Flexaust hose products are used in applications involving air, dust, fume and lightweight materials. 

Why choose Flexaust?
Flexaust bends easily around obstructions, eliminating the need for expensive engineering. Flexaust products are also easy to cut, couple and connect, using only basic tools. Light and portable, Flexaust hose can be stored and used repeatedly. Flexaust offers the largest selection of products made from a wide range of materials. Flexaust is commited to making the highest quality flexible duct hose products. 

It all began in 1938 when Arizona mining engineer Harold Hersey filled a desperate need for the mining industry by developing the first flexible hose system to vent fumes and bring fresh air to hard working miners.

Central States Hose is an authorized distributor of Flexaust industrial hose products. For more information or to place an order, contact us toll-free at 1-877-467-3778.

Flexaust ha fabricado los productos de conductos flexibles y mangueras flexibles más duraderos y de mayor vida útil para aplicaciones industriales y comerciales durante 75 años. Nuestras mangueras y conductos flexibles se utilizan en aplicaciones relacionadas con aire, recolección de polvo, eliminación de vapores, manejo de materiales livianos, servicio riguroso, aplicaciones de mangueras para altas temperaturas, aplicaciones de aspiradoras de recortes de césped y hojas, y aspiradoras comerciales.

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