Fire Hose and Apparatus

Thread specifications for fire hydrants and equipment vary from one location to another. The thread specification for your area can be determined by contacting your local fire department or local water works utility. In some areas you are required to obtain a permit or a hydrant water meter before connecting to a fire hydrant for non-emergency use of water.

The most widely used threaded connection on fire hydrants and equipment is NST - National Standard Thread, also known as National Hose Thread (NH).

The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 led to the creation of standards for fire hose couplings. The fire destroyed a major portion of the city even though fire crews and equipment from nearby cities arrived to help. The fire crews from other cities were unable to connect to the fire hydrants in Baltimore. In the past, nearly every city had it's own proprietary hydrant system.

Today, there are standard connections but some locations continue to use different thread types. Within Colorado, for example, Denver hydrants are NST - NH, Castle Rock hydrants are Storz, and Pueblo has Pueblo thread. Chicago thread and NYC thread can be manufactured as needed. Forestry connections may also include NPSH and GHT.

The products in the Fire Apparatus categories also includes other thread types such as NPT, NPSH and cam-lock quick couplings.
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