On land, sea, over the water and in the air, clamps made with BAND-IT® products are used all over the world. They secure hose, pipes, poles and cables, and perform scores of other clamping functions. BAND-IT Band, Buckles, Clips, Preformed Clamps, Cable Ties, and most important of all, BAND-IT Tools provide clamps that are universally recognized as efficient, easy to apply, and superior in quality.

BAND-IT was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1937 and quickly became recognized as the leader in its field. Now a unit of IDEX Corporation, BAND-IT has an international network of representatives and distributors, with manufacturing and distribution facilities in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. Agriculture, transportation, Communications, utilities, energy exploration, construction, defense - almost every industry today uses BAND-IT® Clamps.

With the BAND-IT Tool, a 100 foot roll of BAND-IT Band and BAND-IT Buckles, a clamp can be formed to wrap around hose, poles, pipes, cables or whatever object there is to be clamped, quickly and with little effort. The BAND-IT clamping system is so versatile that it can be used for a wide range of shapes and sizes with diameters of 1/2" to 30'. With the addition of the BAND-IT Jr. Adapter tool, a whole range of preformed clamps can be applied for hose assemblies and other applications.

Central States Hose stocks BAND-IT® band, buckles, clamps and tools. BAND-IT® is the registered trademark of BAND-IT-IDEX, Inc.

Información en español
Fundada en Denver, Colorado en 1937, BAND-IT es reconocida como la empresa líder en el mundo en sistemas de sujeción con fleje diseñados con calidad. BAND-IT, una empresa de IDEX Corporation, posee una red internacional de representantes y distribuidores, con instalaciones de fabricación y distribución para atender a los usuarios en todo el mundo.

Los sectores industriales (incluidos los de agricultura y de la construcción), de la defensa, de las mangueras, eléctrico, municipal, de servicios, de aplicaciones de ingeniería, de repuestos automotrices y de fabricantes de equipo original automotriz.

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